Tarryn Erlank – Emergency Care Practitioner at Rocket HEMS

During women’s month, ROCKET HEMS is celebrating the magnificent women who work with us.

Tarryn Erlank (31) is an emergency care practitioner for Rocket HEMS. She finished her studies at the University of Johannesburg.

“I have had a passion for helping others since I can remember, from pulling bodies out of wrecked cars, or holding the hand of a loved one after they say their goodbyes.”

“Being a part of the Rocket HEMS team is not only a privilege but I take pride in being a woman on the frontline of a shifting, previously male dominated industry. I hope to inspire other women to channel their physical strength, fearlessness and emotional durability that the job requires. We can’t save everyone but having the opportunity to try, makes it all worth it.”

“It is a real honour to be involved in this constantly expanding operation. To be one of the incredibly passionate individuals that strive for excellence and work together to achieve the same goal: Always putting the patient first!”

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