Meet Melissa Schlechter – paramedic at ROCKET HEMS

Melissa (31) is celebrating women’s month as a paramedic at the renowned Rocket HEMS.

As an advocate for equality, she believes the power lies in realizing that a woman should embrace her strengths, rather than focus on identifiable differences.

“The challenges we face can only make us stronger.”

She joined Rocket after working in various branches of the EMS. “I have developed a real love for HEMS. I have only recently started working for Rocket and I could not have chosen a better company to work for. From day one I immediately felt like part of the team who all work together to achieve a common goal.

“With time I have learnt the importance of building relationships and trust within the team that you are working with. The reality is that we are responsible for people’s lives and livelihoods.”

Melissa qualified as an Advanced Life Support paramedic in 2012 and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in 2016.

To do this work, she believes in a good support system and maintaining a balance of work and down time.

Dealing with death and traumatic experiences never gets any easier. “As paramedics there have always been a certain stigma around showing emotion as a sign of weakness. From my experience I have found that it is actually quite the opposite. Identifying and coming to terms with what you are struggling with and seeking the appropriate help and support, is probably one of the most important coping mechanisms.

Melissa says being a paramedic comes with an array of challenges but is extremely fulfilling.

“Once you have decided that it is what you really want to do, it will become one of the things you love most in this world’.”

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