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Unaffiliated & Independent

Unaffiliated & Independent

As a uniquely non-aligned HEMS provider, we offer the EMS industry in South Africa a totally unaffiliated and independent helicopter ambulance service of unmatched quality.

Our in-house call centre is standing by to render immediate round the clock assistance in any situation.


With more than five years experience in the South African HEMS industry, having flown more than 3,460 air ambulance missions amounting to over 5,000 flight hours, Henley Air launched ROCKET as a stand-alone HEMS provider. The name might be new, but there’s nothing new about the impressive amount of combined experience and expertise that the ROCKET team has to offer.

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With a proven track record of a safe and reliable HEMS service , innovative and unique service offerings and highly trained crew, ROCKET is your HEMS provider of choice in South Africa. The Bell 222 UT’s have set a new standard in the industry with regards to twin engine safety, internal space and long range, in excess of 320 nautical miles.

All pilots have to conform to six-monthly OPCs, annual line checks and licence revalidations, along with a further requirement for IFR rated pilots to comply with 90-day recency training in our very own in-house SACAA approved simulator.

In 2017 we became the first HEMS operator in South Africa to establish a SACAA approved NVG training program for night flying. This not only dramatically improved the safety of night flight operations but also increased the number of night flights by 75%. ROCKET is proud to be the trendsetter with regards to NVG operations in South Africa.

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