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Rocket HEMS

ROCKET is a leading Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) provider owning the largest fleet of Helicopter Air Ambulances in South Africa. We are a proud service provider to all the country’s leading Medical Aids, and also serve patients covered by the Road Accident Fund as well as injuries on duty in terms of the COID Act.


Rocket Connect


Our innovative subscription model and smart-phone app offering direct access to our world-class service. The product has been designed to provide citizens in outlying areas (for example our country’s farmers), swift access to emergency services without delay through a Panic App or by dialing into our 24-hour call centre. The product addresses the access gap to specialised emergency services without having to go through multiple authorisation loops.

Corporates and mines: 

Our individual ROCKET Connect product is adaptable into a corporate Emergency Medical Services solution focused on outlying companies and mines located in remote areas.


Please contact our team of experts to assist you in designing a fit-for-purpose affordable solution.


Rocket HEMS & Rescue Corporate

ROCKET is a licensed provider of short haul/long-line rescue services and counts amongst its clients some of the leading mining companies in South Africa. It is uniquely positioned to combine this offering with a Corporate HEMS solution, and the only BARS accredited rotor-wing operator in the country capable of doing so.

Our team of experts are available to assist in formulating a suitable solution to your company ensuring compliance with regulatory and corporate requirements.