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Kind words of gratitude for our Team

On February 11th, 2023, ROCKET's emergency management centre received a call regarding a patient who was injured during an off-road motocross event near the Lesotho border. The rough terrain and limited access by ground support teams would make reaching the patient and preparing for transportation to a hospital an approximately three-hour process.

Our Kimberley team acted swiftly and deployed ROCKET 8 to assist.

Upon arrival, our pilot and crew encountered rough terrain and had to execute a rescue plan to ensure the safety of the patient and participants. After safely placing the crew near the patient, the pilot repositioned the helicopter on a more suitable surface.

In addition to administering analgesic medication for pain relief, our flight paramedics stabilized the patient on scene before airlifting him to a nearby hospital in Bethlehem for further treatment.

We are grateful for Cameron's family's kind words, and we are honoured to have been part of his recovery journey, being able to ease the stress on his family and fellow riders.

"The skills that was displayed in the recovery of Cameron was amazing, the placement of the helicopter, the kindness that overflowed from each of you that assist will forever be etched into our hearts. We really pray God's perfect peace and love for each one of you and that you continue to walk in your destiny's that God has gone ahead of you all. Keep fighting the good fight 💪 it's always worth it. And all to the Glory of our Heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally ❤"


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