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Meet our Team | Frans Haasbroek | Pilot

Meet one of our world-class pilots, Frans Haasbroek. His vibrant personality, his willingness to help our community and his passion for flying make us honoured to have Frans on our team.

His career background:

1996: acquisition of his Commercial Pilot Licence for fixed-wing aircraft (CPL) with instrument rating.

2002: obtained Commercial Pilot's Licence (Helicopter) (CPL (H)), together with instrument and instructor ratings

2005: joined the SAPS Airwing, Johannesburg

2006: transferred to the SAPS KwaZulu-Natal Airwing

2008: promoted to Chief Pilot of the SAPS KwaZulu-Natal Airwing and later to Police Instructor before being promoted to Chief Instructor for the KZN Airwing.

2015: left the SAPS Airwing to pursue a career overseas, flying in many different countries on a variety of missions, including for the European Union in Mali on Super Pumas for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS).

2021: joined ROCKET in Johannesburg and shortly after transferred to Kimberley base to be closer to his roots, having grown up in the Vryburg Area.

Frans has flown various HEMS missions throughout the province and we are honoured to have Frans on board to help the community as a Rocket HEMS and Rescue Captain as well as an instructor on the Bell 222 and Bell 230.

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