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ROCKET Training: Emergency Airway Management Training

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Last week, ROCKET together with their critical care colleagues from ER24, took part in training aimed at managing an airway in a critically ill or injured patient. During our interaction, we practiced set up, use, and maintenance of a safe airway environment for patients of all ages. Additionally, the training covered the decision-making and planning required for surgical cricothyrotomy.

Deliberate practice in teams allows us to practice not only the skills we may need to perform, but also the communication that is required to implement those skills successfully.

Implementing Skills Aquired

Our team was dispatched to a patient with severe facial injuries shortly after our training had completed, and the skills we had just practiced together were used to surgically manage the patient's airway.

Ongoing Team Training with Key Industry Professionals

We are grateful for every opportunity to collaborate and join forces with professionals in our industry.

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