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Discover the Excellence of Our Specialized Air Ambulances and Skilled Aeromedical Professionals

ROCKET Air Ambulances are fully equipped ICU Bell 222 and Bell 230 helicopters

When every second counts, our specialized ROCKET Air Ambulances stand ready to provide top-tier medical care during critical moments. Our dedicated aeromedical crews consist of extensively trained and highly skilled emergency medical professionals, including Doctors, Emergency Care Practitioners, and Advanced Life Support Paramedics. Their vast experience in handling emergency and critical care situations ensures that patients receive the highest level of medical attention when they need it most.

At the core of our service is the commitment to delivering an aviation healthcare standard that rivals an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the sky. We achieve this through the integration of cutting-edge technology that empowers our medical teams to provide exceptional care. Our arsenal of advanced equipment includes multifunctional cardiac monitors, sophisticated infusion pumps with specialized life support functions, and portable ultrasound devices that offer assistance in clinical decision making.

Even the most delicate patients, such as premature babies struggling with independent breathing, can be assisted with our mechanical ventilators.

Excellence through ongoing professional development and training

The proficiency of our medical crew is continuously honed through ongoing professional development initiatives. With the aid of our life-size Bell 222 air ambulance simulator located at our Rand Airport, Germiston base, our medical professionals stay well-prepared to deliver a spectrum of life-saving skills. Whether they're tending to patients in remote locations or providing care in-flight, our team remains poised to provide top-notch medical assistance until the patient reaches a specialized care facility.

The distinctive helicopter cabin environment presents unique challenges to our medical crew. Each patient assessment, treatment, and transport plan requires meticulous planning tailored to the situation. Yet, our professionals are equally adept at swiftly adapting to unforeseen circumstances, ensuring that essential interventions can be administered during flight as needed.

Air Ambulances saving lives across South Africa

Choose the assurance of excellence in critical medical care with our specialized Air Ambulances. Count on us to deliver unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering dedication to saving lives, even in the most demanding of situations.


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