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Launch day 2020!

The day that we had been planning and anticipating for so many months had finally arrived...yesterday, as we pulled ROCKET 1 out of the hangar for her very first standby shift, the excitement was palpable.

As the day broke, the energy in the hangar was incredible, as everyone settled into their new daily routines. What a team we have managed to unite! Our beautiful new HEMS base welcomed the day shift crew as everyone pitched in to get the last little bits and bobs moved in, and the night shift walked in to find everything ready for a good night's rest in anticipation of immediate action when required. The journey leading up to launch day was certainly not without its challenges. To make this day happen on time and in such an incredibly smooth manner in the middle of a world-wide Covid-19 lockdown was an almost impossible task, to which our team responded with a tenacity that can only bode well for the future of our operation. At ROCKET we believe in teamwork in everything we do. From the lowest ranked medical assistant to the most senior captain, everyone is an essential part of the team, ensuring a safe operation by working together to identify and mitigate risk. In a hostile environment such as HEMS, looking out for each other is of vital importance, and can literally mean the difference between success and disaster. Our team on the very first shift consisted of Boeta Dippenaar, Patrick Wallet and Divan Meyer...a duty that will be etched in our collective memory forever.

In the cut-throat, dog-eat-dog HEMS industry, guided by our well-established values and procedures, we aim to be the friendly, caring and dependable service that can assist anyone, anywhere whenever required. When a patient needs our help, we will be there to render speedy, safe and compliant assistance - you can rest assured that you are in the very best hands. Whether you're the first paramedic on an accident scene or a doctor requiring a higher facility for patient care, we are ready and able to assist in getting your patient to the most suitable care level.

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