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ROCKET Missions flown this past week

The Northern Cape and Gauteng teams' dedication was showcased in the ROCKET missions flown this week, as they responded to a range of critical situations.

rocket air ambulance on a mission in the northern cape

An inter-facility transfer was requested on behalf of a patient in Klerksdorp that needed urgent surgical intervention. The patient received advanced life support while en route to a specialised facility in Pretoria.

ROCKET 8 was activated in Mbatha for the treatment of a young female patient who presented with severe burn wounds. Assisted by emergency services, the patient was stabilised on scene and advanced airway management was initiated before she was airlifted to a specialised burns facility in Johannesburg.

An elderly female had sustained multiple trauma-related injuries after a fall in the remote area of Van Der Kloof when our Northern Cape team was mobilized. Our aeromedical team stabilized the patient on scene and airlifted her to a specialized facility in Bloemfontein for further care.

In Prieska, ROCKET 1 was activated for a 54-year-old male presenting with a Cerebral Vascular Accident. During the critical timeframe associated with stroke patients, the patient was airlifted to Kimberley.


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