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Tragedy in Sharpeville

It was a pleasant sunny day in the Sharpeville community to the South of Johannesburg, children playing in the street and forgetting about the lockdown restrictions due to Covid 19. Unfortunately for one 6 year old, Kathleho*, it would not turn out to be such a good day.

Kathleho was hit by a motor vehicle and sustained serious injuries as a result of the impact. Advanced life support paramedics on scene were fighting to stabilise the little boy, but soon realised that he required specialised paediatric trauma care, a resource that is rare in South Africa. ROCKET1 was called out and dispatched with a specialised team to transport Katleho to a much-needed specialist facility. On arrival, the doctor-paramedic team found Kathleho to have a serious head injury and fractured right femur. The ground crew up to this stage were unsuccessful in securing Kathleho airway, but the helicopter crew proceeded to secure this and stabilise him for Rapid Air transport to the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital On arrival at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, Kathleho was handed over to the Trauma Team for specialised definitive care. Hopefully Kathleho can play outside again soon. *name changed for confidentiality reasons

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