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Our first Kids' Flight mission this past week

Our newly launched Bell230 Kids' Flight helicopter was activated on the 29th of April to the Pretoria area, in response to an emergency ground support request, where a 12-year-old male sustained multiple traumatic injuries following a mass casualty motor vehicle accident. He was stabilized on scene before being flown to a specialized Johannesburg facility for further treatment.

In the Roodeplaat Dam area, ROCKET 8 responded to the incident of a 47-year-old male patient who was entrapped after being involved in a motor vehicle accident whilst on duty. Various emergency services extricated and stabilised the patient on location before airlifting him to Johannesburg for specialised treatment.

As a result of an agricultural accident, ROCKET 5 was activated to Prieska for an inter-facility transfer of a critically ill patient. Prior to airlifting the patient to a specialised facility in Kimberley for urgent surgical intervention and on-going care, advanced life support was initiated, including analgesia for pain management.

An urgent inter-facility transfer from Kathu was carried out by ROCKET 5 for a male patient suffering from a cardiac condition. The patient was airlifted to a Klerksdorp facility for specialised cardiac treatment.

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