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ROCKET Missions over the Easter weekend 2023

The ROCKET team was activated on numerous time-critical missions over the Easter weekend for patients who needed urgent medical attention:

  • A 53-year-old and 57-year-old male patients with suspected cerebrovascular accidents.

  • A 28-year-old female and a 32-year-old male that were involved in separate motor vehicle accidents, requiring surgical intervention.

  • A 7-year-old male patient suffering head injuries after falling from a height.

  • An urgent inter-facility transfer from Kathu to Kimberley for a patient that had sustained severe injuries after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

  • An inter-facility transfer from Trichardt to JOhannesburg for a 31-year-old patient that had been involved in a motor vehicle accident, requiring urgent surgical intervention.

The patients were stabilized on scene by flight paramedics before being airlifted to specialized hospitals for further treatment and care.

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